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Well, excluding scientific and technical write-ups, writing essays on any topic demands a similar approach.

Here’s a couple links to jump-start your research here and here. and radio stations need writers and editors to work on scripts and news reports. Most people end up doing something different than what they went to school for anyway.

Points of view, like 1st and 3rd person are common methods of telling the story (or narrative) to the reader. These methods are very different and accomplish many different effects. To understand more fully lets talk about them more.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about how to sell a script or how similar/different it is to publishing a book, so you’ll have to do your research. I have taken screenwriting classes, however, and can say that it’s a completely different medium from writing a novel. So you’ll also have to learn the techniques of the craft to be successful. Even if you can’t get a job doing any of the things on this list, you can still use your English degree to do almost anything you want!

The effect of writing in 1st person is that it talks directly to the reader. As though the reader is an acknowledge part of the story that needs to understand the character(s) at hand. For example, “I felt a little odd when I walked into the room”.

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These days, a lot of businesses are trying to keep up with social media and now have blogs. This means they need creative, smart people to help run those blogs. 😉 If you’re super tech savvy and creative, you may want to consider looking into website development.


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